Susan Houston

Susan Houston

Susan Houston and her family have been llama owners for 20 years and she can’t imagine life without llamas. She’s currently chair of the Vermont Llama and Alpaca Association.

Llama Beans for Your Beds

Susan Houston | June 01, 2008 | Summer '08 | Issue five


At our small hilltop farm here in Craftsbury Common, the melting winter snow recently revealed piles of one of Vermont’s gardening treasures: llama manure. Also known as “llamanure” or “llama beans,” llama manure has become the fertilizer of choice for many friends and neighbors of llama farms. Thus, on a recent bright spring morning, our neighbors arrived in pick-ups, shovels in hand, ready for the spring ritual of scooping poop provided by our small herd here at Maple Leaf Llamas.

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