Tiffany Keune

Tiffany Keune

Tiffany Keune is Coordinator of Academic Services at the Community College of Vermont. A third-generation Vermonter, she lives in Rutland with her husband Mark, and two daughters, Kylie and Hannah.

Land of Plenty

Tiffany Keune | September 01, 2007 | Commentary


Rutland is important to me. After leaving Vermont for several years, trying out such places as North Carolina, southern California, and South Dakota, I chose to return here in 2000 with my own children to live where my grandparents, my parents, and my husband and I all grew up. Although many of my childhood peers had settled elsewhere, I was determined to use my education to help make Rutland a better place. I now do this in part through my work at the Community College of Vermont, where I advise students, hire instructors, and teach in various disciplines.

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