Schirin R. Oeding

Schirin R. Oeding

Schirin R. Oeding is a sophomore at Sterling College in Craftsbury Common, pursuing a self-designed major in Sustainable Agriculture and Ecological Literacy. Her growing interest in combining agriculture with education has prompted her to write about her own adventures as a farm apprentice and aspiring agriculturalist.

Horsepower: Taking the Reins

Schirin R. Oeding | September 01, 2009 | 2009


So much of what I love about agriculture is exemplified by draft horses. Like small farms, they have continued to exist, sometimes in spite of us, and often despite what is popular. They accept the seasons and adapt to them, growing heavy coats in the winter and glistening ones in the summer. True localvores, they eat what the land produces and find pleasure in the small yet important things, like the taste of new grass in spring.

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