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Lisa MacDougall—Mighty Food Farm

Lisa MacDougall

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December 01 , 2007

Beets are one of the mightiest of all vegetables. Steamed, roasted, pickled, or raw, beets add color, flavor, and nutrition to any meal.

We had to work extra hard this year to get a good crop in for winter markets and our CSA. Our first planting of beets was devoured by a family of blasted deer, so after that we decided to ensure that our next planting would be a success. We planted twice as many beets and row-covered them to fool the deer. It actually worked—to the dismay of our farm employees!

Our CSA members and market customers really enjoy the different beets we grow: Chioggia, Golden, and Red. The Chioggias have a striking pink color, and you can see concentric rings of white and pink inside when you cut them open. The glowing yellow-orange of the Golden beets lights up your cutting board when you’re preparing an evening meal.

Here is a little recipe for roasted beets, a favorite here at Mighty Food Farm.

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