Abraham Noe-Hays

Abraham Noe-Hays

Abraham Noe-Hays, of Putney, is the owner of Full Circle Compost Consulting, which designs, manufactures, installs, and services composting toilets throughout the northeast. He holds a B.A. in human ecology from College of the Atlantic, which now boasts new dormitories and a student center containing composting toilets. For more information about human manure, and for recommendations for further reading, visit Abraham’s website.

Human Manure

Returning fertility to farms and gardens

Abraham Noe-Hays | June 01, 2010 | Issues Archive


In gardening, we cannot escape cycles—not that we’d want to, since they’re what keeps the whole party going. There are the obvious cycles, like the eternal cycle of seasons, and the accompanying growth cycle from seed to seedling, to plant, flower, or fruit, and back to seed again. But there’s another cycle taking place in every garden and on every farm that is the most fundamental of all, but nearly invisible.

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