Abigail Healey

Abigail Healey

Abigail Healey is a writer and gardener in Brattleboro. She believes that every school, prison, mental health hospital, and nursing home deserves a garden (or several). She has published essays about parenting and gardening in Hip Mama, Parent Express, and at leviandfamily.com.

Farming and Parenting

What happens when children enter the farming life?

Abigail Healey | November 17, 2014 | Issues Archive


Farming isn’t a job—it’s a lifestyle. While most people have a job that is away from their home and family, farmers often don’t. Their farm is their home (ideally), and if they have kids, those kids are part of their work (often). One could argue that the busiest people in the world are farmers and parents. For those who are both, how do they manage?

Horticultural Therapy

Abigail Healey | February 21, 2014 | Issues Archive


The day is warm and clear. I am in my work uniform, which consists of shorts and a tank top; this is all I can stand to put on, for the heat of early summer is strong upon us. My supervisor, an elderly woman who needs the assistance of a walker to get around, is wearing a light sweater and long pants. “Aren’t you cold?” she asks suspiciously, as she watches me turn the soil in a bed designated for the season’s heirloom tomatoes.

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