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Helen Labun

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July 06 , 2018

When I was in high school in the ‘90’s and starting to pay truly close attention to the Vermont news, the Northeast Interstate Dairy Compact was on everybody’s mind. . . which led me to conclude that to do anything useful in Vermont, first you needed to know how dairy pricing works.


With the wisdom of hindsight, I will tell you right now that it’s a bad plan to pin youthful ambition on a deep understanding of dairy pricing systems. I will also say don’t be alarmed that my first contribution to Local Banquet as publisher is, in fact, an explanation of dairy pricing systems. This is not a sign that we are becoming a microeconomics journal. Instead, it is a sign that we are dedicated to making best use of our new digital platform, which lets the magazine continue to bring the same types of articles that readers have enjoyed over the past decade and also take chances on more eccentric topics, go deeper into complicated issues, follow the enthusiasm of our writers down new paths in Vermont agriculture, and be more responsive to timely issues as we post content continuously not quarterly. Dairy pricing is also part of understanding how Vermont fits into a larger regional, national, even global agricultural context - a context that we will explore across many different topics.


We’ve got more in the works, soil amendments for marijuana, seedsaver tomato recipes, a field guide to fields, a missive from Slow Food Nations, baking with stone fruit from local orchards, what happened next with favorite articles from years past, essays, opinions. . . we’ll always have more stories to tell. Including, possibly, yours.   


Having a great group of writers is key to maintaining a great site. I encourage anyone to look at our writers’ guidelines and consider pitching a story or sending an idea for one of the current Local Banquet writers.


Having funding won’t hurt either. If you like what you read, sign up for our monthly newsletter (for free), if you really like it then consider subscribing to our enhanced newsletter full of interesting extras (for $22), if you really like it and happen to have access to an advertising budget, please check out our advertising rates and consider supporting us that way.


I look forward to sharing the ongoing story of Vermont agriculture with you.


~Helen Labun, Publisher

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Helen Labun

Helen Labun

Helen Labun spent many years contributing articles to Local Banquet, and she is now Local Banquet's publisher from her home in East Montpelier. Are you interested in writing about Vermont agriculture for LB? Email us localbanquet@gmail.com 

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