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Goat's Milk Cheesecake

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February 10 , 2016

AlpineGlo Farm, tucked on a hillside in Westminster, has been the site of our homestead since 2001. We originally intended the property to be a place to raise and train horses, as my husband and I both have a strong equine background, but we soon found many more uses for the land. As the years passed, the property truly became a homestead that allowed us to transform our lifestyle into a self-sufficient way of living: we began processing our own firewood, raising our own meat (chicken, pork, duck), and growing our own vegetables. The only thing we were missing was our own dairy products.

I had always had a handful of goats around. They serve as great animal companions for horses, earn their keep as portable lawn mowers, and provide great entertainment in any barnyard. In 2011, I decided to take my love of goats one step farther and enter the dairy world. I purchased three registered Alpine does with the intention of producing milk for the family. I decided to pursue Alpines because of their strong dairy lineage, friendly personality, cold hardiness, and of course for those irresistible cute faces! In 2012, we had our first taste of fresh goat’s milk and loved it. It’s nothing like the rumors you hear, that it has a “goaty” or “gamey” flavor. It is fresh, creamy, and delicious. Goat’s milk is great in your morning coffee, and makes a variety of soft cheeses, ricotta, mozzarella, feta, yogurt, and even caramel sauce. I was hooked.

Soon we were successfully fulfilling all of our dairy needs, and each year the herd has grown. This spring we’ll have a dozen does in milk. And I should have known that my homesteading partners would multiply and eventually turn into a business; April 2016 will mark the official launch of AlpineGlo Farm cheeses. I have been working on my cheese processing room throughout 2015 and am excited for our spring grand opening. We will start by offering chèvre, a variety of goat cheese spreads, and feta. I have so many favorite recipes for our milk and cheese, but I have a real sweet tooth, so here is my favorite: Goat’s Milk Cheesecake.

AlpineGlo Farm currently sells prepared meals at local farmers’ markets made from our farm-fresh selection of goods. We will be expanding our offerings during the 2016 season to include a full line of goat cheeses. We also offer farm-to-table-style catering services for private events, birthday parties, etc. We are happy to host tours for special interest groups and schools, and we host an open house every year on Mother’s Day weekend. For more information: visit vthorseshoer.com/events,
find us on Facebook, or call 463-2018.

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