Jeffrey Hamelman

Jeffrey Hamelman

Jeffrey Hamelman is an employee-owner of the King Arthur Flour Company, where he directs the production bakery and teaches professional-level baking classes at the company’s Baking Education Center. The bakery number is 802.526.1845.

King Arthur Flour’s 100% Vermont Bread

Jeffrey Hamelman | March 01, 2010 | Issues Archive


Wheat breeding for the past century has focused almost exclusively on high-yielding varieties suited to the climates of the Midwest and West, not to New England. Due to our thin and rocky soils, hilly lands, and increasingly wet summers, Vermont wheats don’t have the easy virtues of wheats grown in the Midwest; one might kindly describe them as developmentally challenged. For a long time, this served as an impediment to bakers, and breads were rarely baked exclusively from Vermont grains.

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