Eli Rogosa

Eli Rogosa

Eli Rogosa, founder of the Heritage Wheat Conservancy, is the coordinator of the Northeast Organic Wheat project, meant to trial, breed, and restore heritage wheats and to foster community seed systems. E-mail Eli for Pringle seeds and to share ideas on how to celebrate Cyrus Pringle’s legacy in Vermont at growseed@yahoo.com. Her youth seed-saving curriculum is posted at www.growseed.org/seedstewards.html.

Restoring Vermont’s Heritage

of Wheat and Seed-Saving

Eli Rogosa | March 01, 2010 | Community & History


“The farming of our fathers was exceedingly simple, content to draw from a virgin soil the supplies of simple wants, instead of aiming itself for their increase. With the impoverishment of the soil, with the forests almost swept off the face of the country and the consequent climate change, with the multiplied wants of society and development of so many new industries, the highest intelligence and energies are required to remodel our system of agriculture so that it may fully meet the demands made upon it.

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