Janice Walrafen

Janice Walrafen

Janice Walrafen is an artist, educator, and community organizer living in Plainfield. For more than 20 years she has been organizing seasonal community celebrations, parades, and workshops honoring life’s interconnectedness. She teaches art to all ages and creates handmade tile, sculptures, and colorful street puppets. She is the co–founder of AllTogetherNow!, a community art center in East Montpelier.

The Winooski Bean Thresher Co–op

Janice Walrafen | March 01, 2009 | On the Farm


I moved to Vermont in 1989 with a desire to garden and build a self–sufficient life—values I inherited from my mother. As I began growing food for myself and friends, I naturally started out with the basics, also known as “the three sisters” native to the Americas: corn, beans, and squash. I grew winter squashes, Maine black turtle beans, and sweet corn—or at least tried to. The crows plucked up nearly every corn seed that sprouted from the earth, and the cucumber beetles attacked my squash plants.

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