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Custom Meat Processors

Custom Meat Processors

If you raise your own animals in Vermont, it helps to be familiar with government meat regulations. Simply put, if you plan on selling the meat to anyone as individual retail cuts or wholesale, it must be slaughtered in an inspected commercial slaughterhouse and processed by an inspected commercial processor. We haven’t listed those facilities here; you can find them on the Vermont Agency of Agriculture’s website.

If, however, you plan on just eating the meat yourself or serving it to your family, employees, or non-paying guests, you have two options. One is to hire an itinerant slaughterer who will do the job right in the animal’s pen or paddock. You can then take the meat to a custom processor who will turn it into familiar cuts. (Custom processors are licensed and periodically inspected by the state, but no inspectors are continually present.) To find an itinerant slaughterer, ask your friends or neighbors.

The second option is to take your animals to one of the state’s two custom slaughterhouses (licensed and periodically inspected but with no inspectors continually present). One is for red meat, the other for chicken. Then you can have your meat butchered by a custom processor. Keep in mind that some commercial slaughterhouses do process noncommercial animals (except for chickens).

Mellar’s Meat Cutting Shop

RR1 Box 54a
Chelsea, Vermont

Pete’s Custom Meat Cutting Shop

2462 Lost Nation Road
Enosburg, Vermont

R n B Custom Meat Cutting

820 Borland Road
West Glover, Vermont

Rib-eye Ranch

Route 113
Vershire, Vermont

Rosie’s VT Beef Jerky

2331 Saint Albans Road
Swanton, Vermont

Royer’s Custom Cutting

469 Station Road
Sutton, Vermont

Rup’s Custom Cutting

2015 Willowbrook Road
Sudbury , Vermont

Simply Meats

131 Woodstock Avenue
Rutland, Vermont

Stula Acres Meat Cutting

382a Blake Pond Road
Sheffield, Vermont

Tom’s Custom Meat Cutting Shop

4 2nd Street
Fair Haven, Vermont

Vermont Country Meats

Mobile poultry unit

509 Lakeview Drive
North Hero, Vermont

Vermont Rabbitry

116 Larose Lane
Glover, Vermont

Wallingford Lockers

34 Florence Avenue
Wallingford, Vermont
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