Shoots & Sprouts

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green sprouts

Here are some ways we enjoy eating shoots and sprouts. Shoots, sometimes called micro-greens, are seeds grown on soil in trays that are harvested at a small size for eating. Sprouts are not grown on soil, but are simply germinated seeds allowed to grow to an optimal size, at which point they are eaten roots and all.



  • Freshly picked shoots of sunflower, pea, radish, and buckwheat
  • Freshly picked sprouts of clover, mung beans, and lentils


Salads! You can make a salad entirely with sprouts and shoots, or mix them with other greens or shredded root vegetables.

Fill sandwiches and wraps with sprouts and shoots to add more crunch and flavor.
Blend mild flavored sprouts and shoots into a smoothie (my favorites for this are clover and sunflower).

Bean sprouts and pea shoots can be lightly cooked in a stir-fry, added last minute to soups, or tossed into peanut noodles.

Place your morning eggs on a bed of green shoots.
Roll up some pea or radish shoots into your nori or spring rolls.

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