Elmore Roots’ Pear-Apple-Ginger Jam

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Jars of jam

In addition to selling fruit trees, berry plants, and flowering shrubs, at Elmore Roots, we make jam from our fruit. A couple of years ago we grew ginger outdoors and combined it with our pears and apples. It came out as a really tasty jam. Here is our recipe.



  • apples, both tame and wild
  • pears
  • baby ginger and teenage ginger (the “roots” you find in stores)
  • evaporated cane juice (natural sugar; using some wild apples can take the place of adding pectin)
  • ginger to taste (in a pinch you can use powdered ginger, but you won’t get those nice chewy ginger morsels)


Cook the apples and the pears until soft. Puree and strain just to remove the seeds. Chop the ginger in a small food processor and add it in. Heat again and stir in the sugar. Keep stirring until about 180 degrees or so and the consistency you like. Pour into jars with new lids and seal.

Important note:
for any size batch, use the following ratio:
apples, 1/3
pears, almost 1/3
sugar, 1/3 (the reason we usually use sugar and not any other sweetener is because we are very proud of the flavor of our own homegrown fruit and that’s what we want people to taste; sugar’s taste does not stand out)

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