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Recipes starting with E

  • Time: 30 minutes prep
  • Complexity: easy

Elmore Roots’ Pear-Apple-Ginger Jam

Jars of jam

In addition to selling fruit trees, berry plants, and flowering shrubs, at Elmore Roots, we make jam from our fruit. A couple of years ago we grew ginger outdoors and combined it with our pears and apples. It came out as a really tasty jam. Here is our recipe.

  • Time: 30 minutes prep
  • Complexity: medium

Elderberry Mead


This recipe is by Sam Comfort (former Honey Gardens’ employee).

  • Time: 10 minutes prep; 10 minutes to cook
  • Complexity: easy

Everyday Johnnycakes

johnny cakes

“A 2-qut. basin full of equal parts of sweet milk and buttermilk—3 tablespoonfuls of cream—2 teaspoonfuls of pearlash—meal so that it will pour—a little salt.”

—Robinson family recipe


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