• Dairy Donations: Finding a Home for Excess Milk
  • Dairy Donations: Finding a Home for Excess Milk

    The Vermont Milk Commission recently released a report of recommendations for advancing supply management in the dairy industry. True supply management is a complicated task that stems from a simple goal: stop creating too much milk. But while we have too much milk in the system overall, we have not enough milk going to some households that want it. Foodbanks on average distribute one gallon of milk per person every year - even though demand is high. How does our "extra" milk get to consumers who want it but can't afford it?  

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Spare the Turkeys


Thankful turkeys

Written on

June 11 , 2013

We asked our readers for Thanksgiving menu suggestions. Pat McGovern from the Upper Valley Localvores responded with this turkeyless feast. Here's a way to celebrate the harvest, give thanks and make a few turkeys happy at the same time. When you sit down with your family and friends you can enjoy this sumptuous meal knowing that, like the President, you have pardoned at least one bird. So pass the pumpkin pudding.

Pat McGovern
Upper Valley Localvores

Recipes available upon request.

Stuffed Acorn Squash
(Individual baked acorn squash halves (from local farm) stuffed with sauteed local onions, celeriac, garlic, local butternuts or black walnuts (if available, otherwise non-local walnuts), day-old bread cubes (preferably a locally made bread), Honest-To-Goodness cider vinegar (Gingerbrook Farm), sage, thyme, nutmeg, plus shredded local cheddar cheese (optional), and chopped cranberries from VT Cranberry Co.) 
Recipe adapted from Moosewood Cookbook.

Fresh Vermont Maple Cranberry Sauce 
(cranberries from Vermont Cranberry and local maple syrup)

Mashed Local Potatoes
(with VT Butter & Cheese Creamery butter)

Sliced Local Carrots
(with VT Butter & Cheese Creamery butter)

Kale-Apple Saute sauteed in local cider
(local kale and Champlain Orchards apples and cider)

Onion Gravy
(using local onions, butter, and flour from Butterworks Farm)

Maple Cornbread
(Using Butterworks Farm cornmeal and flour, local eggs, local maple syrup and local butter)

Maple Apple Pie
(using Champlain Valley Orchards apples and local maple syrup)

Squash or Pumpkin Pudding
(using local squash, maple syrup, local eggs and Strafford organic Creamery milk, Butterworks flour, and non-local spices.)

Strafford Organic Creamery Smooth Maple Ice Cream
(made from all local ingredients with maple syrup instead of cane sugar.)

Apple Cider from Champlain Valley Orchards, Maple Seltzer
(from Vermont Sweetwater), Mint Tea (from dried garden mint)

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