• Dairy Donations: Finding a Home for Excess Milk
  • Dairy Donations: Finding a Home for Excess Milk

    The Vermont Milk Commission recently released a report of recommendations for advancing supply management in the dairy industry. True supply management is a complicated task that stems from a simple goal: stop creating too much milk. But while we have too much milk in the system overall, we have not enough milk going to some households that want it. Foodbanks on average distribute one gallon of milk to each household every year - even though demand is high. How does our "extra" milk get to consumers who want it but can't afford it?  

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Last Morsel—The Taste

Joyce's pigs

Written on

March 01 , 2008

I roasted a loin roast from one of the pigs I’d raised—dinner plans had been canceled because of the ice storm.

Early the next morning, after the town snow plow woke me up, I sat eating a small slice of fine pork. These pigs had been fed apples, farm fresh milk, hay, pumpkins, kitchen scraps, and some commercial feed. These pigs had run around and played in a roomy area that once was front lawn, and would often lay in the sun on clean hay, wallow in mud when the bugs weren’t frozen, and be rubbed down with olive oil.

Yes, they were happy and clean pigs.

This pork had no ‘value-added’ products, as do the pigs raised in those horrible factory farms, cramped in small cages among so many others in filthy conditions.This pork cooked quickly, as do the Heritage Turkeys I raise. The taste is sweet and mild, no need for any seasoning. 

This is the taste our grandparents grew up with. There is a difference.

Joyce Sabo

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