• In the News: Milk Supply Commentary
  • In the News: Milk Supply Commentary

    The Northeast is taking another look at milk supply management. The options are limited, but they are options nonetheless. Will this effort find the first steps in a new path forward? 

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Boyden Valley Spirits

64 Vermont Route 104, Cambridge, VT

Caledonia Spirits

46 Buffalo Mountain Commons Drive, Hardwick, VT

Flag Hill Farm

135 Ewing Road, Vershire, VT

Green Mountain Distillers

192 Thomas Lane, Stowe, VT

Saxton's River Distillery

485 West River Road, Brattleboro, VT

Shelburne Orchards Distillery

216 Orchard Road, Shelburne, VT

Vermont Distillers

7627 Vermont Route 9, West Marlboro, VT

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Our stories, interviews, and essays reveal how Vermont residents are building their local food systems, how farmers are faring in a time of great opportunity and challenge, and how Vermont’s agricultural landscape ties into larger questions of sustainability and the future of our food supply. 

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