• Brief Update from the Legislature
  • Writers Panel at NOFA-VT Conference
  • Brief Update from the Legislature

    This past Friday, March 15th, was crossover in the state house - this is the day that bills in policy committees need to get voted out of committee if they’re going to stay on deadline for passing this year. It’s a good indicator of priorities, although some bills do get special extensions and budget items have a later deadline. Given that this is a traditional taking stock moment for legislative work, we checked in with some groups that spend a lot of time in the state house to find out their thoughts on legislation to watch.

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  • Writers Panel at NOFA-VT Conference

    Julia Shipley, John Churchman, and Kate Spring all have very different ways of blending farming, homesteading, and writing - poetry, essays, articles, and picture books were all part of the discussion in our writers panel at the NOFA-VT Winter Conference. Helen Labun moderated, and the notes on what we said are now posted! 

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  • Time: 2 hours prep; 30 minutes on stove
  • Complexity: advanced

“Jersey Girls Farm” Veal Hash with Duck Eggs

veal hash

By Chef Jason Tostrup, Executive Chef at The Inn at Weathersfield and Vice President of the Vermont Fresh Network.

For this recipe we are going to use a technique called “confit.” It’s a way to cook tougher cuts of meat to make them tender. To “confit” is similar to braising. It replaces the water or stock element in braising with lard or fat. The oil/ fat works as a barrier so the juices in the meat remain there, intensifying the flavor and tenderizing the meat. When we purchase whole veal at the restaurant, I render the fat from the animal and make our own lard to cook with.

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Our stories, interviews, and essays reveal how Vermont residents are building their local food systems, how farmers are faring in a time of great opportunity and challenge, and how Vermont’s agricultural landscape ties into larger questions of sustainability and the future of our food supply. 

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