Ben Jervey

Ben Jervey

Ben Jervey covers the environment, energy, and climate change as a freelance writer. He lives with his wife in Barnard, where he eagerly awaits the arrival of their daughter, Grace.


Ocean to Mountains

A Boston resident hauls the freshest catch from the coast up to Vermont

Ben Jervey | July 03, 2013 | Issues Archive


Ethan Wood cannot wait to show you how his scallops twitch. “You see that move?” he asks, breathless. “You see that? These things are alive!” We’re standing in the back of a refrigerated truck in Lebanon, New Hampshire. The scallops, sitting in a plastic box atop a bed of ice, do in fact wriggle when Ethan gives them a little prod. Less than 10 hours ago, the mollusks were still in the waters of Nantucket Bay.

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